Blitzenhaus Working Dogs 

Punta Gorda, Florida 

The responsibility of Breeder, Deborah Brown, and new owner _____________________________, are clearly stated in this legal and binding Contract. No other responsibilities or guarantees are implied. 

1. Ownership of said Animal, shall be transferred to the new owner in return for $_____________. 

2. The breeder, Deborah Brown, guarantees that: 

     The Sire _________________________________________ and 

     The Dam ________________________________________, are the parents of the above said 


3. A (Sex) ___________ German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Dutch Shepherd puppy/adult whelped 


    AKC (Or Other) Registration # _______________________. 

    And Microchip # ________________________, has been transferred to the above mentioned owner. 

4. Owner certifies that the above said puppy/dog shall reside at: _________________________ 




     Phone # __________________________ 

     Email Address ___________________________________ 

     Owner agrees to inform breeder of any changes in address.    

5. Owner agrees to take proper safeguards for the care and safety of the above said animal, regular 

     Immunizations by a licensed veterinarian. In the event of mistreatment or obvious improper care 

     Of the animal, diagnosed by a veterinarian, the breeder will hold the right of repossession of the 

     above mentioned puppy/dog. 

6.  The puppy/adult is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of transfer to the new owner/s. 

     A health certificate will accompany all animals. Breeder guarantees that there is no dis-qualifying 

     Faults according to German/AKC standards of the breed at the time of sale for Show puppies. Owner 

     is requested to have his/her veterinarian examine the above said animal within 48 hours of purchase. 

     After this period, the new owner takes full responsibility for this animals health and development. 

7. See attached Health Certificate 

8. This puppy/adult will carry the “BLITZENHAUS” kennel name on all paperwork (AKC/any registry). And 

    Such name will be in all advertising and/or conformation shows and obedience trials. 

9. Owner agrees to give first right of refusal to Deborah Brown (Breeder) should owner decide to no 

    Longer keep the above said animal. If for any reason you cannot keep my puppy/dog-you must 

    Contact me (Under Any Circumstances) and I will figure out how to retrieve them. No “IFS ANDS OR 

     BUTS”. I do not want to find out that any of my dogs are rehomed or dumped anywhere without my 


10. Please send photos of puppy/adult every six months until the age of three years old to the breeder 

      (also, on placed adult dogs too). 

11. The Breeder, Deborah Brown is not to be held responsible for any damage or liability caused by this    

      Animal while under the ownership and possession of the new owner or anyone else. 

12. This animal shall not be used for breeding purposes until it is at least 24 months old and has cleared 

       at least a hip & elbow xray by a certified veterinarian (with full registration only). Please let the 

      Breeder know of the results. 

13. It would be a good idea to enroll in an obedience class at the appropriate age, it will help both with 

      Bonding and everyday living. 

"They take over our hearts and become a part of us forever."

XL's Feren Von Blitzenhaus Litter